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Carolina 10 Group ULSV®

What makes our vehicles the best?

Reliability and Quality
Our Group Cycles are designed with a focus on reliability and built with top-grade materials. The competition may vary in terms of their reliability and quality, with some models potentially experiencing more maintenance issues or lower-quality construction.

Modularity of Design:
All of QDC’s Group Cycles boast a modular design that allows for easy repair or replacement of key components. This feature ensures minimal downtime and efficient maintenance. The competition may or may not offer a similar level of modularity in their designs.

Comprehensive Technical Support:
We provide comprehensive technical support to assist operators with maintenance, troubleshooting, and general inquiries. The level of technical support offered by the competition may vary, and it’s important to consider the availability and expertise of their support team.

Official Licensed Manufacturer of Trolley Pub:
QDC holds the distinction of being the official licensed manufacturer of Trolley Pub, a reputable franchise brand in the entertainment transportation industry. This partnership showcases the trust and confidence Trolley Pub places in Quadracycle’s party bikes. The competition may not have similar partnerships or endorsements from established brands.

Flexible Financing Options:
We offer factory-direct installment sales with flexible financing options, allowing operators to manage their upfront costs effectively. The competition may have different financing structures or limited options for operators seeking flexible payment terms.

Reputation and Track Record:
Quadracycle Design Co. has built a reputation for excellence and has a track record of expedited delivery windows and satisfied customers nationwide. It’s important to research the competition’s reputation and gather feedback from their previous customers to evaluate their reliability and customer satisfaction.

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When it comes to investing in a group cycle or party bike, there’s more at stake than just the initial price tag.

It’s about the long-term value, safety, performance, and the continuity of your operation. At QDC, we understand this. That’s why we don’t compromise on quality or the suitability of our components just to meet a price point unlike many of our competitors. At QDC, your business’ operational continuity is our top priority.

We understand that our vehicles aren’t just machines; they’re facilitators of unforgettable experiences, and an essential part of your business model. That’s why we use automotive-grade components, load-rated tires, an automotive rear axle, heavy duty 3/8″ thick steel front axle, machined and engineered steering components, and precise rack and pinion steering.

Each part has been specifically chosen for its durability, reliability, and performance under load, ensuring not just the safety of your patrons, but their enjoyment too.

Moreover, we equip our vehicles with an EV-grade electric motor, industrial-quality internal reduction gearbox, and high-quality bicycle components to provide you with a seamless, efficient, and enjoyable ride.

Our main drive chain on the G3 Savannah is rated to 14,500lbs, a testament to our commitment to durability and quality. With a QDC Group Cycle, your investment pays off over a longer period and results in a reduction in the frequency and cost of maintenance and repairs, and providing an uninterrupted service to your clients. Your reputation depends on your reliability. 

On the other hand, our competitors often cut corners to save costs, which can lead to compromised safety, performance, and durability. Their use of lower-quality, golf-cart derived components, electric bicycle drivetrains, and significantly weaker chain sizes are a gamble. While these may seem to do the job, they are not designed for the loads and stresses a party bike can be subjected to, leading to frequent breakdowns, high maintenance costs, and a greater risk of accidents.

Additionally, many of our competitors manufacture their vehicles overseas. This often results in hidden costs like customs and import fees. Moreover, lack of domestic technical support and the absence of easily available replacement parts can lead to prolonged downtime and increased maintenance costs, impacting your operation and reputation.

At QDC, we believe in transparent pricing, domestic manufacturing, and strong after-sales support. We stand by the quality and safety of our products. Because we understand that the real cost of a vehicle isn’t just its price tag, but also the continuity of your operations, the safety of your clients, and the reputation of your business.

When you choose a QDC Group Cycle, you’re not just buying a vehicle; you’re making a smart, long-term investment in a quality commercial Asset.