Quality Design without Compromise™

Our Story

In 2018, we began exploring the concept of manufacturing Group Cycles at scale with nothing more than a notebook and a dream.

Our Founder and CEO started in the Experiential Tourism industry by repairing vehicles and vessels at locations all around the United States with a Solar-Powered Mobile Bicycle Workshop he built in 2014 after 16 years working as a professional Bicycle Mechanic. 

Quadracycle Design Company is at the forefront of developing innovative vehicles for the Experiential Tourism Industry.  Headquartered in Georgetown, Texas, our state-of-the-art production facility spans over 8000 square feet and is equipped with dedicated areas for manufacturing, assembly, carpentry, and administrative offices. We take pride in our ability to design and manufacture each vehicle weldment in-house, and we have established a network of trusted local vendors who provide us with high-quality services such as CNC laser cutting and bending, laser engraving, powder coating, industrial upholstery, and electric motor manufacturing.

From the very beginning, we have pushed the boundaries of Experiential Tourism vehicles by introducing new technologies and design concepts. Our advanced computer design capabilities, powered by SolidWorks®, allow us to employ pre-production design verification methods such as Finite Element Analysis® to ensure the structural integrity of our chassis and other components. Serviceability and durability are key considerations in our design process, and we strive to make maintenance and repairs as easy as possible by sourcing readily available aftermarket mechanical and electrical components from various suppliers nationwide.

At Quadracycle Design Company, we never compromise on quality. Our core philosophy, Quality Design without Compromise™, drives every aspect of our manufacturing process. Each vehicle undergoes stringent quality checks throughout the production cycle, ensuring that it meets our high standards before it leaves our facility. To ensure a smooth and secure delivery, every shipment is equipped with real-time asset tracking, providing peace of mind to our customers.

In June 2023, Quadracycle Design Co. received authorization to conduct factory-direct sales, allowing us to offer our Savannah and Carolina Group Cycles directly to customers wherever they are located through our trio of Asset Acquisition Methods. 

We take pride in our ability to deliver high-quality Group Cycles while providing flexible financing options to meet the needs of our customers. Whether you’re a new operator in the Experiential Tourism Industry or an established business looking to expand your fleet, Quadracycle Design Company is here to support you every step of the way.

If you have any further questions or require additional information, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We are committed to delivering exceptional products and services to enhance your Group Cycle operation.

Georgetown Assembly Suite
Georgetown Welding Suite
SVM016 Flexing Out

With the successful launch of our Savannah Volume Manufacturing “SVM” Project for TourScale® in November 2021, we have made significant strides in the production and delivery of Experiential Tourism vehicles. By the end of Q2 2023, we have manufactured and delivered over 30 vehicles across three generations of the Savannah 16 Group Cycle. Thanks to strategic investments in tooling and countless design & process optimizations, we have achieved a consistent delivery rate of three vehicles per month since September of 2022, with the capacity to produce up to five vehicles per month at our Georgetown facility.

SVM027 and SVM028 (Trolley Pub, Columbus)


Our commitment to innovation is evident in the numerous features and technologies we have incorporated into our vehicles. Some notable examples include the integration of direct-drive helical gear reduction for our electric-assist motor system, the development of a self-tensioning passive chain tensioner for our group cycle pedaling stations, and the introduction of easy-to-use hydraulic parking brakes.


We have also implemented standard electronic vehicle runaway protection with battery regeneration, further enhancing safety and efficiency. Additionally, some of our vehicles benefit from the integration of Elastomeric Maintenance-Free Suspension and LiFePo3 Lithium Traction Battery Systems.

G3 Savannah on Tour at St. Francis Winery